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back row L-R: Elyse Bairley, Rick Mull, and Seth Dodson;  front row: Sean Williams and Karen Draves.

Adult Sports Programs
Rec & Ed offers five adult sports programs: softball, baseball, basketball, kickball and volleyball. These programs offer adults living in the Ann Arbor area a great opportunity to stay fit, socialize and have a great time using city-owned parks and school facilities for their recreational needs. All leagues are set up by skill level to maintain parity and make for more evenly balanced contests.

Softball, kickball and baseball leagues are offered twice a year, in the spring/summer and fall seasons. Indoor volleyball leagues are offered three times a year in the fall, winter and spring. Rec & Ed also offers sand volleyball leagues during the summer months. Our adult basketball leagues begin in December and conclude in early spring.

Please note: Registration periods for these activities begin approximately two months before league play starts.

Staff contacts for our adult sports offerings appear below.

Sports Contact Name Rec & Ed Extension E-Mail
Volleyball Karen Draves ext. 53254
Basketball, Baseball,
Softball, Kickball
Sean Williams ext. 53214

Youth Sports Programs
Rec & Ed offers the following youth sports programs: soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, coach pitch, volleyball, T-ball, indoor soccer, lacrosse and flag football. In most sports, separate leagues are offered for boys and girls.  Typically, players register individually and are assigned by public school attendance area or by the school they actually attend, public or private. The teams are formed by grade, not age. In general, players who register earlier receive a more favorable team placement than those who register later. Rec & Ed does honor special requests when possible.

For youth team tennis, please click here to be directed to that website.

Youth Sports Season Calendar
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Field Hockey
2nd-4th Grade Basketball

4th-8th Grade Basketball
High School Basketball
Indoor Soccer

Field Hockey
Flag Football

Coach Pitch



In an era when many sports programs for youth overemphasize the importance of winning and try to have children specialize in a single sport at a very young age, Rec & Ed recommends children take part in a diverse number of wholesome recreational activities. The Team Sports staff encourages kids to participate in its youth sports leagues regardless of the child's skill level or physical or emotional limitations.  All kids receive guaranteed playing time while they learn how to play the game. Rec & Eds Youth Sports Program emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork and using sports as a means to increase each child's self-esteem.  Most importantly, we provide programs in which the primary goal is for kids simply to have fun.

Staff contacts for our Youth Sports offerings appear below.

Sports Contact Name Rec & Ed Extension E-Mail

Soccer, Field Hockey,
Basketball, Baseball,
Softball, Coach Pitch,

Seth Dodson ext. 53225
Volleyball, Co-Ed Grades 4-8,
Volleyball, Girls Grades 9-12,
Volleyball, Boys Grades 9-12
Karen Draves ext. 53254
Flag Football, Lacrosse,
Soccer, Indoor Soccer
Sean Williams ext. 53214

Athletic Facility Rentals
The Rec & Ed Team Sports Division is also the primary scheduler of athletic facilities for other leagues and teams and community user groups. The Team Sports Division schedules all city-owned and school-owned ball fields, and all elementary school and middle school athletic fields for recreational purposes. Through its Gym Rental Program, Rec & Ed assigns recreation groups space in Ann Arbor Public School gyms throughout the school year. Gym rental registrations are held three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring.
Action Contact Name Rec & Ed Extension E-Mail
Schedule a ball field or
rent a school athletic field
Katie McCoy ext. 53230
Rent a gymnasium Katie McCoy ext. 53230

If for any reason you feel Rec & Ed's Team Sports Division is not adequately meeting your recreational needs, please feel free to contact Larry Dishman by phone at (734) 994-2300, ext. 53226, or by e-mail at

Thank you for your interest in the Team Sports Division's offerings.

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