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 1515 S. Seventh
 Ann Arbor, MI  48103
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Quest Instructors

maurice.jpg Maurice Archer brings high energy and enthusiasm to all of his classes. His popularity crosses over all age groups. He has performed at a variety of events and functions, including the 4th of July Parade, Top of the Park, the Ann Arbor Art Fair, and at EMU.

Break Dance 
- Weeks 7/11 - 7/15,
7/18 - 7/22,
8/8 - 8/12

Stephanie Carlson

"Stephanie is a terrific teacher, full of fun and creativity - the kids lover her!" Rachel Akiva


Eco Friendly Foods
- Week 7/11 - 7/15
Beat the Heat Fun
-Week 7/25 - 7/29


Andrea Inostroza attended the University of Concepcion in Chile and she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education with a major in Visual Arts. She has discovered that writing is an excellent way of therapy.

See Andrea's work at:

Polar Art
- Week 7/18 - 7/22 
Eco Friendly Art
- Week 7/25 - 7/29
amy.jpg Amy Thurlow has been dancing her whole life.  She is currently attending WCC and specializes in  Jazz, Modern, lyrical and Ballet,  with a little Hip Hop, and African thrown in for flavor.

Sunken Treasures
- Week 6/27 - 7/1
Fantasy Land,
-Week 7/5 - 7/8
Scrappy Art
- Week 7/11 - 7/15
Aussie Art,
-Week 8/1 - 8/5

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