Music Together® Classes

Held at the Family Center - 2775 Boardwalk Dr., room D108

Lottery for Summer 2015 will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 after 4 p.m. The lottery form will be available for download in late January. 

Lottery Form            Lottery Instructions

Please note:  Only families already participating in other classes with First Steps may turn in a lottery form.  New families need to attend an orientation and join one of our other classes first.  If you want to participate in Music Together now, please check out Hand in Hand Music or Robinsongs for Kids.   They provide only Music Together classes.  We are a comprehensive program that is offering 6 classes next session. 

Current Families:  Please see below for details of the fees.  Are you planning to participate and use the sliding fee scale?  That's great and you must apply for a scholarship through Rec&Ed first.  It takes 10 days to process so apply now.  I cannot accept your lottery form without the full class fee unless you have successfully applied for a scholarship.

 Summer 2015 Class Schedule 

Mondays              6:00-6:45pm

Tuesdays             9:30-10:15am

Tuesdays            10:30-11:15am

Wednesdays       9:30-10:15am         

Wednesdays       10:30-11:15am

Wednesdays             12:15-1:00pm for babies under 18 months

Summer classes for Music Together begin June 15, 2015 and end August 5, 2015. Music Together classes run during the same weeks as our other classes for a total of 7 weeks.  The fee is $129 to participate with one child. If you have more than 1 child, your fee is $185. If your second child was born after 12/15/14, there is no second child fee yet.

This fee includes the music cd, access to download the songs from Music Together and a music book.

What is Music Together®? 
    Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them.  First offered to the public in 1987, it pioneers the concept of a research-based developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.
    Music Together classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical.  All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning.  By emphasizing actual music experiences rather than concepts about music, Music Together introduces children to the pleasures of making music instead of passively receiving it from CD's or TV.
    Central to the Music Together approach is that young children learn best from the powerful role model of parents/caregivers who are actively making music.  The program brings families together by providing a rich musical environment in spontaneous musical activity at home within the context of daily life.
    Our teacher, Yvette Daniels, has successfully completed the Music Together Teaching Workshop developed by the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, New Jersey.  Yvette is a registered Music Together teacher.  Yvette Daniels has also completed further training and is now a certified Music Together teacher.

mtarticonsongbook-mini.gif   A Music Together class is:

  •  music learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children.
  • infants, toddlers, and preschoolers participating at their own levels in family-style classes of mixed ages.
  • a community of families sharing songs, playing instruments rhythm chants, and movement activities in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting.
  • a new song collection every session for three years, featuring great arrangements of original and traditional songs in a wide variety of tonalities, meters and cultural styles.

Your Role in the Class

  • Arrive on time.  It's important to be there for the "Hello" song!
  • Model for your child by singing every song in class.
  • Please stay involved during the whole class- socialize with your friends before and after class.  We're glad you're with friends!
  • Practice at home!  This class takes a lot of preparation by you every week.  The more songs you know, the easier it is to do musical things in class - like harmony!
  • Encourage your child(ren) to explore music and allow them to learn in their way and time.  By being in the room, they are exposed to everything even if they're only watching in the beginning.

   Each Session Includes:

  • 10-13 weekly 45-minute classes teaching a specific song collection - Bongos, Bells, Triangle, Fiddle, Drum, Tambourine, Flutes, Sticks, Maracas.  There are 3 years of different collections.  Summer is 7 weeks and the collection is called "Summer."
  • Music Together At Home--a DVD for all new Music Together families.
  • A professional recording each session with new songs, rhythm chants, "play-alongs," and tonal and rhythm patterns.   CD plus access to MP3
  • Beautifully illustrated songbook with family activities to enjoy at home.
  • Semi-annual family newsletter.

mtart-obwisana-mini.gifHow do I register for a class?
You need a special form specifically for the Music Together classes.  Please give them directly to Sherri or Marj, along with payment.  A lottery is used to determine who is in these classes each session.  Please read directions for this posted in your class or on this website under currect schedule.  New families must attend an orientation prior to signing up for any class with First Steps.
When you sign up for a Music Together class, this class is considered your regular participation class.  You may add a second (non-Music Together) class for an additional fee which will vary depending on the length of the session.

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